Androzene Review: I actually like this testosterone booster

Hi, thanks for dropping by, this is my unbiased Androzene review. There are many Androzene reviews on the internet, but we believe that ours is the best online.

Some say, sex is one factor which makes relationship or marriage last longer. Most women love men that are sexually active and can last longer in the bed, which lead to a great concern in men who are unable to satisfy their partner.

These men are always shy of getting down with a woman because they have doubts in their minds whether they are fit enough for sex or not. But thanks to advance technology, so many different supplements are available for the guys who are suffering from low sex drive, guys who are unable to satisfy their partner.

However, one needs to be careful when buying these supplements, because not all male enhancement supplements are safe for human consumption. You have to choose a reliable and safe supplement in order to get the best possible results while avoiding all negative side effects that come with it.

So for those looking for a way to improve their sexual performance, Androzene might be the solution…

Androzene is considered as a perfect example of a good male enhancement supplement. The supplement can supercharge your energy and sexual stamina because its formula has been shown to help circulate blood flow as well as boost libido.

What is Androzene and what does it claim to do?

Androzene is manufactured by Health Club Diet, LLC and is based outside of Beverly, MA.

The manufacturer of Androzene claimed that all the ingredients used have been clinically tested to increase the flow of blood into the penis for a better and longer erection.

It has been claimed to be one of the most efficient and also effective male performance enhancer supplements available in the market today. That not all, this product is also endorsed by John Abdo, an Ex- Olympic trainer whose name was newly inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame.

Androzene is a great enhancement supplement that can help men suffering from sexual dysfunction and also gives them an overall performance.

Does Androzene actually work?

For many reasons, Androzene might work for many people, this is because the product contains the most advanced formula called Androphase. The androphase technology serves as a quick delivery system which improves absorption and makes sure the ingredients stay long in your system. This formula will make you ready for sexual activity anytime, any day.

Androzene enhancement supplement will surely provide you with all the nutrients that are needed by the body to function effectively. It’s a one-stop solution for men suffering from sexual dysfunction. The androphase delivery system helps with the circulation and flow of blood through the whole body.

With a blend of 336 mg total of 9 ingredients, Androzene has been shown to effectively relax the arterial walls and produce a vasodilate chemicals, so when these ingredients mixed together, men who consume Androzene will end up with amazing results in a long run.

Although Health Club Diet (the company behind this product) claimed that the effect can be experienced for a long period, for how long is not mentioned, which makes people believe the effect is just for a short term. The effects have been said to be felt for about 3-5 hours while most time, it can last for up to 12 hours.

But all the same, Androzene ingredients is enough to provide an excellent assistance for the men looking to their sexual lives improve.

How to take Androzene?

Androzene contains 90 tablets per bottle, which will last for about one month.

The manufacturer recommends taking 1 to 3 capsules once a day around half an hour before bedtime or sexual contact. It also best absorbed if taken on an empty stomach.

Androzene Side effects?

Androzene is manufactured using natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects.

Also, one thing to look out for in Androzene is the presence of caffeine, and the dosage is not revealed on its label. And again, studies have been conducted on one particular ingredient used by Androzene- Yohimbe- is a controversial plant which many believe to have been implicated in numbers of adverse effects and reactions.

Remember there is no need to freak out because there hasn’t been any report of side-effects using Androzene. But in case you are worried about any side-effects or reactions, you should seek advice from a medical expert.

Androzene Ingredients?

*Niacin – Niacin is considered as a vitamin, and is responsible for improving blood circulation so to provide an excellent assistance to men struggling with sexual dysfunction.

Zinc – Zinc is mineral that is essential to the body for the production of natural testosterone hormones.

*Calcium – Calcium helps in strengthen teeth and bone. Also, it aids blood clotting in the body.

*Yohimbe tree – Has the ability to boost the flow of blood throughout the body, which will create a positive impact on male reproductive organs.

*Taurine – Taurine is responsible for the production of proteins. it is also seen as an amino acid, which helps in the flow if blood to the sexual organ.

*Nettle Root Extract- Has been used by top supplements industry, because of its testosterone boosting property.

*Saw Palmetto Berry: The saw palmetto herb is best known in promoting good prostate health.

*Tribulus Terrestris: it is very effective as a natural testosterone booster.

*Eleuthero root extract- This is an ingredient that has been used for treating conditions associated with the heart and blood vessels.

*Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa extract- Is used to promote blood flow to the penis, for better and longer erections.

Androzene price?

This is rather a very expensive supplement, which is current price for $124.9 per bottle including $9.99 for shipping and handling. The worst part is that it has no Money back guarantee.

The product is available on some online store, but can also be purchased directly for the manufacturer website. BE CAREFUL!!! when buying from their official site, some customer had made complaint about the order been delivered late. The company has been involved in several lawsuits due to shady business practices, a number of side effects, and false claims of their previous products. Be very careful when buying from their website.

All this been said, Androzene is still worth buying, especially when you compare the price and the benefit you will get from it.


Lastly, Androzene has shown to be worthy of all the attention its getting.

The company really hit the nail on the head when they add the Androphase technology to the formula. This is surely enough to be benefit in increasing sexual strength and erection.

One problem about Androzene is the price, it is effective, but costly. If you are on a budget, it’s best you consider other alternatives. But still there is no any other supplements on the market that contain the Androphase technology. Androzene is really one of a kind.

The reviews have been positive, with 62% on amazon. So, I will recommend this to men who will like to get their confident back, and be more active to their partner.