H-drol Review: Just how powerful is this pro hormone? 

H-DROL NO LONGER AVAILABLE: H-drol is no longer available to purchase anywhere. The closest supplement available is Halocor which works just as well.
Hi, this is my unbiased H-drol review, based on my research.

Bottom line, if I find any product has way to many negative reviews and negative side effects, then it gets a big thumbs down from me. This is one of the most accurate H-drol reviews on the internet.

What is H-drol and what does it claim to do?

H drol is a designer steroid. Right of the bat I have to make very clear that H-drol is not an actual steroid and is not illegal in many states. H-drol can also be known as Halodrol. H-drol is classified as prohormone and there are various products on the market that use H-drol in there ingredients.

Hdrol will increase your energy and strength. It allows you to eat alot more food thus enabling you to get bigger faster. This supplement is also known to increase your stamina and a select few users have noticed fat loss too. It is a pretty powerful prohormone for sure.

The top 6 products that I have found online that have H-drol as part of there ingredients are the H-Stane, Halo Extreme, Halo Elite, Haloplex, Helladrol and Halovar.

It has been said that H-drol is a great prohormone to use if you are a beginner. If your goals are to add lean muscle mass while minimising your side effects then this is a great supplement to use for sure.



Does H-drol actually work?

Hdrol without a doubt works very well. I did quite a bit of research on prohormone forums and other discussion websites as well. One of the things I coined from reading most customer reviews was that if you use Hdrol properly the results can be very good. However, if you dont use it correctly then the results can be disastrous.

The typical user of Hdrol has the supplement kick in by about week 2 or 3. Users say that they are able to gain 3-4 pounds a week when using H-drol. They report being able to eat a lot more food which kind of contradicts this supplements claims to also aid with weight loss.

In terms of having stronger lifts in the gym, most users were experiencing an improvement in this every single time they went to the gym which is excellent.

here is a quote from a user after week 5 that i found on

“Week 5: It kinda slowed down for me here. I’d guess this due to the fact my own body wasnt producing as much of its own testosterone by that point. I could have jumped to 100mg a day but decided not to, and ended still at 75 mg after week 5. I had gained a total of 18 pounds, and I was lifting about 15-20% more weight in EVERY single muscle group.”

The majority of users managed to maintain all there gains that they achieved during there cycle. This includes muscle strength and size.

How to take it?

There is a specific way to take H-drol and take it safely and effectively without causing harm to your immune system so pay attention.

You should take 1 or 2 capsules a day with water. DO NOT take more than than this dosage in any 24 hour period. You should take this supplement for a period of 30 days and then take a full 90 day rest period.

Side effects?

Like any supplement there is a risk of getting side effects for sure, however if you take H-drol as detailed above, the likliness of these side effects are actually quite minimal.

side effects reported are mild muscle cramps and mild head aches.

You should not take this if you have high blood pressure.


  • 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1
  • 4-diene-3-17b-diol
  • Cellulose
  • Gelatin


One bottle of H-drol is $58.95


H-drol definitely works as it says. I would follow all the instruction in the how to take section above for the best results. Always remember that you should cycle prohormones and not take them for longer than 30 days straight.