Primeval Labs Super Cardarine Review 2016: This product has been discontinued

Hi, this is my unbiased Super Cardarine review, based on quite a bit of research.

Bottom line, if I find any product has way to many negative reviews and negative side effects, then it gets a big thumbs down from me. This is one of the most accurate Super cardarine reviews on the internet.

Quick Rundown: I give this product a 5/10

I give Super Cardarine a 5/10. It works okay based on my research but isn’t as effective as other fat burning products I have researched. What you want is a proven fat destroyer with a proven track record of results.

50/50 Good and bad testimonials

Many of the customer reviews I came across online are negative.

Some described the product as being ineffective while others reported making some fat loss with this product.

What is Super Cardarine and what does it claim to do?

Okay, so, this pill is classed as a PPAR(Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor) but in many ways can also be classed as a prohormone or SARM. The manufacturers of this product claim that it is mostly effective for fat loss and muscle endurance.

super cardarine

Does Primeval Labs Super Cardarine actually work?

Yes for some, No for others.

Like many PPAR’s out there, it pays to be sceptical about the real effectiveness of these products. I have combed the web, and here is what my final answer is to this question. Ill summarise it, so as not to end up writing a 2000 word article.

I came across many different reviews of what happened when this pill is used for 7 weeks, and how it can affect your body.

For burning fat most reviewers expressed that over a period of 7 weeks they did not notice  substantial amount of body fat burned at all. What is important to note about taking these types of pills is that your diet still cannot be a load of rubbish. This is not a product that acts like an appetite suppressant like Phen 375, and other diet pills as such.

For muscle endurance 50% of customer reviews of this product state that they were actually able to lift more weight and lift for more reps and sets. However, the other 50% complained about hardly seeing any difference at all when it came to muscle endurance.

Not only is muscle endurance actually good for when your in the gym, but it is equally as important when you are participating in sports or physical activity. Hey, it means your muscles are less likely to fatigue to soon, which means you can perform better and longer.

If you can lift heavier weights, for more reps your halfway to achieving substantial muscle development.

For retaining muscle mass several reviewers stated that during his cycle, he did not notice a significant difference in his muscle mass or the vascularity of his muscles. However, there was also several reviewers that reported adding an average of 5 pounds of muscle mass.



The ingredients in this product are pretty straight forward. There appears to be 1 to be exact:



Side effects?

At present there have been no reported side effects for this product and I can honestly say that I was unable to personally find any. As long as the product is taken in the recommended dosage, there appears to be no negative side effects. However, if you do experience side effects do not hesitate to stop using this product.


If you search online you are likely to find prices ranging from between $64.99 to $74.99 dollars.

How many pills in 1 bottle?

There are 180 capsules in 1 bottle.


Directions: Take 2-4 capsules (10-20 mg) daily. Use for 8-12 weeks continuously, then take at least an 8 week break before starting again.

You can take 2-4 capsules (10-20mg) on a daily basis. based on scientific research on using SARMS safely I wouldn’t exceed taking these pills longer than 8-12 weeks continuously. You have to give your immune system a period of time to take a break from the effects of the pills.

I recommend at least and 8 week break after your 8-12 weeks of consumption. Once you have rested for 8 weeks you can then resume taking the pills again.


I cant really write many positives about this particular PPAR pill. Its a 50/50 based on the general feedback on the internet from customers, so it could be worth giving a try.


Warning: Super cardarine is certainly not for the use of any person under the age of 18. I would strongly advise that if you are under 18 years of age, DO NOT use these pills. These pills should be kept away from children.

For the females, if you are currently pregnant or you are currently breast feeding, or in the near future you are considering becoming pregnant, do not use this product.

If you have any current medical conditions, make sure you consult with your doctos before you even think about using this product. As mentioned above there have been no reported side effects of this pill as of yet. However, if you do experience any symptoms such as rapid heart beat, vomiting, dizziness or any other similar symptoms, stop use.