Liberty Surf Internet Marketing/Marketing Scholarship

A $1000 Internet Marketing Scholarship

We are proud to introduce our Internet Marketing/Marketing scholarship programme of which we will be running twice every year. At Liberty Surf we review different health supplements. We also compile top 10 lists breaking down the products that we feel are the best for our readers.

We understand how powerful the written word can be, for this reason, we would like to reward creative minds who can convey themselves with clarity and intelligence.

We have created the Liberty Surf Scholarship for College students, Undergraduate or Postgraduate students with a passion for marketing or internet marketing. If you are currently studying subjects such as Marketing, Business, IT or Communications then this could be for you. We do not require you to have any real expertise in these areas, but what we do ask is that you have a passion for Marketing.

Marketing and advertising is the LIFEBLOOD of any business and without it, businesses would not have or maintain a customer base.

If this sounds interesting to you and something you would like to take part in, then please read on!

General Terms of Participation: Article Topic

In order to take part in this scholarship you will need to produce a detailed article that is 500-1000 words on the following subject: How to market a business online

Here are some guidelines on what to include in your article:

  • What are the best ways to market a business online and why?
  • What are the benefits of marketing a business online?
  • Is social media marketing important and why?

The winner of our scholarship will receive $1000 which can be used for whatever you want! (we suggest using it for useful resources that help you with your subject 🙂 )

Eligibility and Unique Articles: The Rules


This scholarship is only for students that are currently enrolled in colleges, universities or high schools within the united states and Canada.

Students of all majors are encouraged to apply.

Unique Articles/No Cheating

It is very important that the article you produce is unique and of your own wording and interpretation. All articles will be checked by our team and input into a plagiarism tool which will show us if you have copied the content from the internet or anywhere else.

How to Submit your Application

1 – Write your 500-1000 word article on the subject detailed above and save it as a word document file when you are done. Name the document as your first and surname, along with your Education establishment. Example: “David Woods – Ohio State University”

2 – When you have done so, send us an email at including all the details listed below and your article attached as a word document.

  • First name and Surname, Phone, and Address
  • Name of your School/university
  • The subject(s) you are studying
  • Any form of identification that can prove you are a student

By submitting your article, you are giving us the permission to use it either for promotions or for marketing purposes. In the case of this happening you will be credited as the original author and we will link to your website/social profiles.


The final date for submission is Dec 31st 2017, and we will choose the winner on January 31st 2018.

Notification of winner

The winner will be notified by email and your School/university will also be notified at the same time.

We run our scholarship program twice a year.

Best of luck!

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