Adaptodren Review: Not really a popular testosterone booster anymore

Hi, thanks for dropping by, this is my unbiased Adaptodren review. There are many Adaptodren reviews on the internet, but we believe that ours is the best online.

Low energy, Having trouble sleeping, Depression, Low libido and poor performance are few of the symptoms of low levels of testosterone in the body. Low testosterone affects as many men by their mid-30s according to  Mayo Clinic, about 1% decline per year.

One of the safest way to help increase testosterone levels back to normal is the use of natural supplement which has unique ingredients that have been clinically proven to improve testosterone. There are many testosterone supplements out on the market today and are mostly advertised on TV, Magazine or on the Radio with unsubstantiated claims promising the public faster results which are likely to be false just to boost their sale.

With billions spent in supplements industry, it’s almost impossible to find the right supplements that will work best for you. This new testosterone booster called Adaptodren by Betancourt Nutrition is said to be different. It claims to help improve sex drive, increase energy and reduces stress.

 What is Adaptodren and what does it claim to do?

Adaptodren is a natural testosterone Booster manufactured by Betancourt base in Miami. The supplement has been claimed to helps optimize natural testosterone levels, which will help improve muscle growth and aid fat loss.

Also, adaptodren is said to have contain almost 236mg of calcium fructate, a compound that has been claimed to help maintain a free flow of testosterone in the body.

Furthermore, a little-known amino acid called D-Aspartic by studies shows to increase testosterone faster than anything found in nature, as much as 42% in just 12 days.

Does Adaptodren actually work?

Adaptogen contains ingredients that have been shown by research to help stimulate the male organism’s production of the all-natural testosterone hormones. The formula contains a blend of vitamin D3 and B, which are very crucial to testosterone production.

With an additional 3,000miligrams of D-Aspartic (DAA), be expecting a quick boost of your body natural testosterone, this is because D-Aspartic is an amazing amino acid that works in the central region of the brain to help release lutenizing hormone (LH). Luteinizing hormone is a hormone that produces testosterone when binds to a special cell found in the testes.

This amino acid has been shown by various studies to raises up testosterone faster than anything found in nature to as much as 42% in just 12 days! so you have a full strength within a short period of time which will take your workouts to the next level.

In the area of Libido, one might not notice any changes, but when it comes to strength this is a 10/10. While others users who had taken this product were really impressed by its results in increasing libido, many have also experienced high confidence and stamina than before. This is what really makes the reviews on the product very positive.

How to take Adaptodren?

The ingredients in Adaptodren seem to be great, but the serving size is somehow too much. The serving size of Adaptodren is 7 capsules, and the instructions on the label recommend you take all 7 at once, which most people aren’t comfortable about.

Most users had complained that the capsules are too large to be taken at once, some had suggest spreading the dosage throughout the day. One way to do this is going through a pattern* 3 capsules in the morning, 2 capsules in the afternoon and another 2 capsules two hours before bedtime. Note that not everyone really might have time to follow this pattern, mostly in the afternoon. So it’s best you take the pills with you or follow the next pattern.

The next pattern is very easy, you take 3 capsules in the morning and then 4 capsules before bed. Which ever patterns you choose, it still going to produce the same effective results.

Adaptodren Side effects?

Adaptodren is one testosterone booster that really has some minor side effects that are not advertised on the product warning labels. Some of the effects is having random and nonsense dreams the first 3 weeks of using this product. Most time you might wake up in a cold sweat. But this weird feeling should have stop after 4 weeks of usage.

One of the side effects also notice by users is an increase aggression, they felt more quickly frustrated to people around them. Though most people see this as an added bonus when it comes to training at the gym. They love these aggressions (Note this is different from blind rage), it gives them more confidence to attack the weight rather than fear it. For some guy, they think aggression is sometimes the result of confidence.

The next side effects is very rare, but on users has said to have notice getting uncontrollable diarrhea, which he thought was due to the additives of DAA supplement in Adaptodren. So if you experience any of these side effects it’s best  stop taking it for a few ddays for the problem to go away or seek out a medical advise.

Adaptodren Ingredients? 

Adaptodren contains ingredients that are natural and it’s not a proprietary blend, all the dosage are fully disclose. They’re::

Banaba leaf extract 100 mg- This extract a source of corosolic acid, and has been shown to increase testosterone levels and also regulate insulin in the body.

Calcium Fructate- This occurs naturally in plants, and has been backed up by several research studies, which shows that it helps raises testosterone levels within 3 hours.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)- This is a type of amino acid that increases testosterone levels within a time period of 12 days.

Adaptodren also contains corosolic acid and protease – These promote a healthy glucose metabolism in muscle and also promote protein utilization throughout the body.

Other Ingredients are: Gelatin, vegetable magnesium stearate ,silicon dioxide, red #40, candurin silver, blue #1 and yellow #6.

Adaptodren Price?

The price of Adaptogen varies and depends on where the buyer is getting it from.  The manufacturer Betancourt Nutrition sells it on their website in a quantity of 90 capsules for $59.99, while other online retail stores sell for about $41-50. Other vendors sell the supplement for price that are lower than what Betancourt Nutrition is charging for.

Betancourt Nutrition the company behind Adaptodren also does not offer a completely comforting money back assurance’s for return of the product, if the users are dissatisfied. The money back guarantee policy is not totally understood, which makes it a very long process.


Overall, Adaptodren is rated with 5 stars. The ingredients have been shown to provide strength, stamina, energy and focus for better, longer, and stronger workouts for bodybuilders and athletes.

Most users seem to be more satisfied with the supplement delivering on the promises that it makes regarding boosting of the testosterone levels, which make adaptodren really worth the price and value and it’s sure to give you a great results.