Nolvadren XT Review: Is this a good testosterone booster?

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Hi, this is my unbiased Nolvadren XT review, based on my research.

Bottom line, if I find any product has way to many negative reviews and negative side effects, then it gets a big thumbs down from me. This is one of the most accurate Nolvadren XT reviews on the internet.

What is Nolvadren XT and what does it claim to do?

Nolvadren Xt is a Testosterone booster aimed at increasing mens natural production of testosterone. There are many testosterone boosters on the market so the question is weather this is another one of those funny products that doesnt really work well. In this post I will attempt to go into as much detail about Nolvadren XT to give you a good idea about weather it is a good product.

Nolvadren-XT is also known as being a 3 in 1 Hormone modulating product. Essentially what this means is that this product is aimed at reducing your estrogen and cortisol while increasing your testosterone.


Does Nolvadren XT actually work?

In short, Yes for some and no for others, which is the case with most supplements on the market.

So i did alot of research on this product because i haven’t actually used it myself. I will break down this question into 2 parts. The first part will address the effects that Nolvadren can have on you in a physical aspect.

Physically – A few users have said that they noticed a leaning out effect on there midsection after taking this. Users also reported increased vascularity, which is the increase of veins on the body. Alot of bodybuilders actually desire this look and like the extra veins that are produced.

Gyming – One of the things that many people have commented on is an increase in there endurance when in the gym. They find that they are more easily able to lift weights for more reps and

How to take it?

Take 2 capsuled of Nolvadren with your meal in the morning.

  • If you are currently taking medication for seizure disorders, vital organ issues, hypertension or anxiety then DO NOT use Nolvadren XT at all. It can have conflicting side effects.
  • You should use Nolvadren for about 30 days and then proceed to have a 90 day break.
  • If you are under the age of 21 this is not for you
  • If you are a woman this is not for you

Side effects?

Nolvadren XT doesnt really have any major side effects that cant be taken care off. One of these side effects is dry joints. Various users have experienced this. This can be remedied by taking fish oil tablets which you help just fine. Another side effect that some people experience is oily skin. To remedy this you will most likely have to use less moisturiser, and a less harsh face wash.


  • Androst-3,5-dien-7,17-dione (75 milligrams) – This ingredient is known to be a cortisol inhibitor. 
  • Diindolylmethane (200 milligrams) – This can be found in broccoli and is a molecule. This ingredient acts as a aromatase inhibitor and has been know to be anti-cancer agent.
  • 7-Hydroxy-17B-Dihydro-Dehydroepiandrosterone (25 milligrams) 
  • 7-Hydroxy-Dehydroepiandrosterone (25 milligrams) 


On average you can pick up Nolvadren XT for an average of $35. However on other websites the price of Nolvadren can be more expensive or cheaper.


I would say that Nolvadren XT works for a number of people that have taken it but there are also a percentage of people that this doesnt work to well for.

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