Platinum TEST 600 Review: Testosterone booster or prohormone?

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Testosterone is a very important hormone in the male body. It enhances muscle growth, increases sexual performance that will boost your self-confidence, speed up metabolism and help eliminate body fat.

For athletes, bodybuilders, or anyone that wants to improve their workouts, energy, stamina, sexual performance, while reducing recovery time at the gym without adding any hormone replacements like an illegal steroid that come with harmful side effects and can produce more deficiency than benefit. There is a product that might interest you — Platinum TEST 600

Platinum TEST 600 is a testosterone boosting supplement that helps increase muscle mass, libido and allow greater physical stamina and virility. Unlike many other supplements available on the market, Platinum TEST 600 does not have any dangerous chemicals but rely purely on the best natural ingredients to make the body achieve the best results.

Those who find it difficult to get their desired result at the gym and in their workout regimes, as well as those experiencing low sexual performance, can now find a lasting solution in using Platinum TEST 600 to boost natural testosterone in their body.

What is Platinum TEST 600 and what does it claim to do?

Test 600 is a natural testosterone booster manufactured by PMD. The manufacturer claims that the product was formulated using 100% legal ingredients that give the same effects as steroids. The ingredients in this product have been said to work by increasing natural testosterone in the body by allowing the circulation of free testosterone into the blood, such as DHT. By promoting the activity of the testes, the body stimulates the production of testosterone and more is produced naturally.

Platinum test 600 review

Does platinum TEST 600 actually work?

PMD Platinum Test 600 doesn’t contain the best ingredients that have been used by top testosterone booster supplements. The only ingredient that appears to be effective in this product is the Fenugreek. The rest of the ingredients has been shown by clinical research to show little or no effects on boosting testosterone level, these ingredients are just like camouflage or merely just used as a secondary support.

This product is ideal for those looking to increase their sexual performance without adding artificial hormones. Platinum TEST 600 is best for people that want to lose weight and have more bedroom action, it will enhance their libido and also provide estrogen support. After a week, some changes will begin to occur, and after week two an increase in libido will be well noticed due to the presence of fenugreek extract (TESTOFEN). Don’t expect to feel any strength increase or increase muscle mass and hardness useless you decide to stack it with other supplements that contain zinc, vitamin D3, and D-Aspartic.

If you’re out there looking for a testosterone supplements to support your training performance, then I suggest you look elsewhere. The ingredient in TEST 600 will only increase your libido, not muscle mass. There’re only a few ingredients in it – and unfortunately, they’re not really that good. Although there are many good reviews online from users that had use TEST 600, which is due to their workout routine and diet. A trip to the gym might help you to be more productive and also speed up recovery time, and help you reach remarkably fast and positive results.

How to take Platinum TEST 600?

Platinum TEST 600 contains 30 capsules with a dosage of three per day a daily serving of 1305mg. Simply take three capsules each day with a meal as part of your regular workout routine.

Note that this product is only meant for adults and for those below the age of 18 should avoid the use of Platinum TEST 600.

Platinum TEST 600 Side effects?

TEST 600 contains ingredients that are considered to be a mild testosterone booster and will not cause any side effects if you follow the right dosage. it is naturally safe to use and doesn’t contain the addition of dangerous hormones or stimulants.

Although there’s one ingredient in Test 600 that might cause side effects – Tribulus Terrestris has been shown by research to increase the weight of prostate in the body which can lead to serious male health issues. Always consult a professional physician before taking this product.

Platinum TEST 600 Ingredients? 

Tribulus Terrestris – This helps by increasing the production of natural testosterone in the body through Luteinizing Hormone pathway. It has also been shown to stimulates pituitary glands.

Fenugreek – Fenugreek helps by regulating the overall blood sugar levels in the body. High blood sugar means high insulin is produced in the body which fenugreek can help to regulate it.

Hesperidin – Hesperidin is found in orange peels, and has been seen in some studies to help with overall circulation of testosterone.

Transresveratrol – This compound helps by improving the overall blood flow.

Bioperine – Bioperine is a black pepper. It allows you to absorb testosterone booster more effectively.

Platinum TEST 600 Price?

A bottle of TEST 600 containing up to 90 capsules is sold on Amazon for $59.49 for a 30 days supply including a free shipping with prime membership. The price is somehow expensive for a product that doesn’t deliver any results. There are much cheaper and safe supplements available today that contains numerous ingredients like Vitamin D3, D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium, Red Ginseng and Oyster Extract that would make a lot of difference in achieving the best results.


TEST 600 has been rating high on various forums to be safe and effective.

It is ingredients like fenugreek that can give you results, but overall, this isn’t the most effective testosterone booster available on the market.

This is not a type of testosterone booster that I would recommend adding to your stack. If you’re looking to lose more weight or gain an increase in libido without any negative side effects, then Test-600 is the right supplement for you.