Prime Male Review: A very popular and an effective Test booster

Hi, thanks for dropping by, this is my unbiased Prime Male review. There are many Prime Male reviews on the internet, but we believe that ours is the best online.

Most men are always on the lookout for an effective testosterone booster to use without any side effects, this is why a supplement like Prime Male for men has been continuously reviewed online. Before taking a bold step of purchasing a male enhancement formula, you must have known the ingredients, side effects, cost, manufacturer and if it’s clinically proven.

So here is a quick review of Prime Male Testosterone Booster.

What is Prime Male and what does it claim to do?

Prime Male is manufactured by a company called Propura and they are based in the UK. With a large number of the best labs employee, Propura has come up with a groundbreaking, well research natural testosterone supplement known as Prima Male.

Prime Male is a 100% natural testosterone booster that has been claimed to help restore healthy testosterone levels back to normal and also boost your vitality by bringing you back to your physical peak, and help build your lean muscle mass.

Prime Male also contains a scientifically driven natural formula that aims to maximize performance, increase strength and improve libido. Other claims by Propura include that Prime Male can aid with weight loss, increases energy levels, strength, lower blood pressure and improve overall body performances.

Does Prime Male actually work?

The answer is YES, based on the ingredients and the overwhelming number of reviews and success stories online, this product does really work. Prime Male only uses ingredients that are scientifically backed and proven to help increases testosterone and the proof is undeniable. The high-quality formula present in Prime Male makes it different from its competitors.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the dosage of each ingredient, because Prime Male clearly disclosed all of its ingredients on their website. It’s very dangerous to take a testosterone supplement without knowing exactly what’s present in it.

Prime Male contains 12 of the best natural ingredients that are found to help in boosting testosterone. An example is the D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) – in the dose of 1600 mgs, has been shown to have increased the testosterone levels to 42% within a 12 day period. Which means effects of this supplement will be noticed after 10-12 days. Note that results may vary depending on the individual and how he takes the dosage. Also, their has been a lot of positive reviews from customers who had to try Prime Male, many users had noticed a significant change within 2 weeks of using this product.

By adding a regular exercise regimen and healthy diet only then noticeable muscle gains will be seen.

How to take Prime Male?

Prime Male has to be taken 4 capsules once a day, or space this out and take it 4 times per day. This should help control some of the stronger doses or prevent any allergic reactions that might come up.

For most people taking 4 capsules per day, it’s consider excessive and challenging especially for busy people. So it’s recommend you find the best time that suit your lifestyle.

Prime Male Side effects?

Although, there are no reported negative side effects from any users taking Prime Male, one also have to be careful, because most of its ingredients can lead to side effects if used wrongly. These effects can include: Headaches, High blood pressure, Mood swings, Diarrhea and Stomach upset.

Some ingredients like aspartic acid have been shown to abnormally elevated liver enzymes which may lead to inflammation or causes damage to the liver cells.

Other common side effects include nausea and a sensation of abdominal bloating and less common side effects are- vomiting, abnormal body movements, and insomnia.

Stinging nettle has also been link to some side effects which includes mild stomach upset, sweating, and diarrhea.

It always good to take proper caution when taking any supplement into your body, and discontinue the use in case of any unpleasant effect.

Prime Male Ingredients? 

The ingredients in Prime Male are well documented and have been shown by research to help increase the amount of natural testosterone in the body.

*Fenugreek– Fenugreek seeds contain a compounds that are known to help stimulate the production of testosterone. Other benefit include increase in libido.

*BioPerine- Also known as piper nigrum or black pepper extract, are often added to boosters so to help with nutrient absorption and the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

*Mucana Pruriens– Mucane Pruriens has many benefits which include enhancing sex drive and capacity, increasing energy levels, improving mood and boosting testosterone production.

*Boron- Boron is a mineral that evaluates unbound natural testosterone, especially in aging men.

Nettle root (Urtica dioica)- This derived from the root known as stinging nettle. Research on this plant shows that it helps inhibits the enzyme involved with the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in the body.

*D-Aspartic Acid- A studies shows that a daily dose of six grams of d-aspartic acid is capable of increasing testosterone to 42% in 12 days.

*Zinc- Zinc is an essential mineral use to treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction, low sex drive and male infertility.

*Vitamin B6-  This compound helps in building and repairing the muscle.

*Panax ginseng- This helps in promoting better blood flow and nitric oxide in the body which helps improve libido or erectile problems.

Prime Male Price?

The price of Prime Male testosterone booster varies depending on the monthly supply you choose. The company sells this supplement directly from their official website. And they offer a satisfied money back guarantee which last for 90 days.

Prime Male can be bought in one, two, or three month supplies. One month of Prime Male costs $69.00 for one bottle, Two bottles is $138 (two-month supply) including $7.95 for shipping and handling and Three bottles for $207 (three-month supply plus one free bottle) which comes with free shipping to anywhere in the world.

One problem about this product is that it can’t be found on most online store either GNC or EBay but can be purchased from Amazon. In fact, it’s only sold on their website. Also note that Prime Male is not sold in local health stores or drugstores. You must order it online.


Prime Male is a testosterone supplement you can count on to deliver best results, so I will strongly recommend this product to those looking for a way to improve their testosterone level. The ingredients are superb containing vitamins and mineral shown by studies to help elevate testosterone levels.

Prime Male is packed up with ingredients that had been clinically tested, although most of the formula has been shown to cause some side effects. So if you are worry about these side effects, it’s best you look for other alternative supplements with fewer ingredients, as this will reduce the risk of reaction.

Apart from this, Prime Male is a great supplement for men in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s looking for something to help them increase their libido and also increase energy, and strength. This has also been backed by happy users feedback posted on the internet.