Test RX Review: Yet another test booster, yes..

Hi, thanks for dropping by, this is my unbiased Test RX review. There are many Test RX reviews on the internet, but we believe that ours is the best online.

A large number of guys out there is suffering from low testosterone levels. It has been reported that 1% of men testosterone will start to decrease when they clock 30’s. Symptoms like low sex drive, poor performance, loss of energy, fatigue, erectile dysfunction and many other will start setting in as they grow older.

These symptoms are among the factors that prevent most athletes and bodybuilders from getting their desired results at the gym. Thus, men seek out solutions to improve their strength, libido, stamina, and erections. The solution’s available like hormone replacement therapy is one thing many don’t want to pursue because it’s expensive and may lead to many side effects.

Another alternative is the use of natural enhancement supplements. These supplements are considered safe and effective without causing any side effects to the body. One supplement that has been recently introduced to the health community is called TestRX, it has been shown to help men get back their testosterone hormone and bring them a quality lifestyle.

What is TestRX and what does it claim to do?

TestRX is manufactured by Leading Edge Health based in Tennessee and founded in 1999. They are the same company behind the most successful and most quality testosterone supplements called VigRX plus.

The company boost about their reputations of having the best medical professionals including Dr. Steven Lamm the company Board of Advisors and New York University of Medicine faculty member. Apart from this, Dr. Lamm is also a well-known doctor on “The View” and has appeared on famous TV shows like Oprah and Lifetime Today.

Leading Edge Health is known for their high-quality supplements which were also used to create a unique blend in TestRX. The company claims TestRX contains a formula that can help increase testosterone naturally without any hormone replacement.

Its advanced formula is packed with vitamins, amino acids and botanicals like Tongkat Ali and has shown by various research to help boost the production of natural hormones in the body.

Does TestRX actually work?

The answer is YES!!! With a lot of positive reviews found online, it seems TestRX is worth the attention.

Some of the ingredients in this product have been proven to increase men virility, sex drive and boost testosterone up to 60% alone.

TestRX has quality ingredients that are sure to deliver excellent results. An example is a herb- Tongkat ali- a study published in 2013 shows it benefits in increasing testosterone up to 37%. After you take TestRX you will start to notice an increase in strength and longer sex in bed thanks to one ingredient in TestRX, called fenugreek, that shown to increase sexual performance up to 25%.

TestRX also contains minerals and vitamins, an example is vitamin B6, magnesium aspartate, and zinc monomethionine, they work together to improve the immune system, boost strength and increase energy levels.

Within 3 weeks of using this product, you start to see significant results like increase sex drive, tough muscle,  and quality sleep and overall performance.

Note that the formula is mainly made for men who are 45 years and above according to the manufacturer, so guys below that age may hardly notice any changes because younger men have high testosterone levels and a booster like TestRX likely won’t make a difference.

How to take TestRX?

TestRX contains 60 capsules and it’s recommended you take 2 capsules daily, which means 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening with a lot of water. You are expected to see results within three weeks of usage.

Maximum effect will be reached in 3 to 6 months.

TestRX Side effects?

Test RX is made up of quality natural ingredients and hasn’t been reported to cause any side effects; at least none is found online. But still, caution has to be taken concerning any testosterone supplements. This product shouldn’t be taken by guys below the age of 18 and also those diagnosed or treated with any medical conditions.

TestRX Ingredients? 

*D-Aspartic Acid (575 mg): D-Aspartic acid has been shown to increase testosterone and help men become stronger and better in bed.

*Fenugreek (75 mg): This herb is mostly found in the Arabic region and India. Its seeds are believed to helps decrease fats in the body, increase libido and testosterone. But there has been a debate has to if Fenugreek really has an effect on boosting testosterone.

*Magnesium (50 mg): This an essential mineral needed by the body to stimulate muscle oxygenation and increases physical performance. Its also been shown to help reduce stress and boost testosterone.

*Zinc (2.5 mg): Zinc helps in the restoration of testosterone levels and promote athletic performance in men.

*Vitamin D3 (2.85mg): This fat-soluble vitamin that stimulates the absorption of calcium. A 2011 study shows that the use of vitamin D3 for a year could boost free, natural testosterone in men by up to 25%.

*Vitamin B6 (1.25 mg): This compound controls the use of natural estrogen so that more testosterone would be produced.

*Vitamin K2 (0.05 mg): This vitamin helps prevent loss of bone and also increase testosterone in the body

*Ashwagandha- This is a great herb used for many years to reduce anxiety and improve sex drive.

TestRX Price?

The price of TestRX depends on the monthly supplies you choose. The company offers affordable price of one-month supply for USD 69.95.

But it’s best you buy in bulk since you will have to use this for 3-6 months before seeing significant results.

if you order in bulk—

$129.95 for a 2-month supply,

$179.95 for a 3-month supply,

$339.95 for a 6-month supply.

Note that TestRX is not sold in online retail stores. You can’t find this on Amazon, Walmart or GNC. Don’t buy this from anywhere else so you don’t get a counterfeit product. To get TestRx visit their official site and make your order safely. In addition, you get a 60 days money back guarantee and free shipping- express or standard delivery.


Lead Edge Health is a company with good reputation, and are known for their successful work in the testosterone industry. So be sure to get bigger, stronger and better muscle while using this product.

You don’t have to worry about side effects because the ingredients are all natural and do not contain any harsh chemicals. It’s safe, effective and easy to use. I strongly recommend this to anyone.