TestoRush RX Review: does popularity equal a good testosterone booster?

Hi, thanks for dropping by, this is my unbiased TestoRush RX review. There are many TestoRush RX reviews on the internet, but we believe that ours is the best online.

So many athletes and bodybuilders find it difficult to get their desire body mass result, also most of them start to notice a decline in muscle mass, energy, and stamina as they grow older. These are why so many athletes and bodybuilders start to depend on nutritional supplements that can boost their testosterone levels (which is the main cause) to help increase their sexual performance and also their workout routine at the gym.

In the past years, a lot of research has been put and billions of dollars spent just to figure out a way to boost back the level of testosterone in the body. Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been used for testosterone boosting for a decade, but the negative side is that not everyone can really afford it. This cost for about $150 or more per month and will involve injecting yourself with testosterone on a daily basis, and also most of these injections come with side effects attached to them.

That’s why taking a testosterone booster supplements likeTestoRush Rx is safe, less expensive and effective. This supplement contains all natural ingredients involve taking a just pill a couple of times per day. Getting these products is easier than illegal steroid and are sold online by popular retail store.  So here is a quick review…..

What is TestoRush RX  and what does it claim to do?

TestoRush Rx is manufactured by Nucell, and the company has been around since 1995. The brand has a wide range of testosterone boosters and uses a set of natural ingredients to boost testosterone levels, energy levels, and sex drive. The company claims that the ingredients in TestoRush Rx will help enhance blood flow, supply longer, and stronger erections.

TestoRush Rx advance formula will work to improve your libido, sexual performance, erections and also to allow you to be better at the gym.

The manufacturer seems to have confidence in their claims even though the supplement may not contain ingredients that will directly boost testosterone levels in the body. These ingredients instead indirectly support testosterone by aiding it in building muscle mass.

The company behind TestoRush Rx have lay claims that formula has been clinically researched by different doctors and has shown its effects on testosterone boosting and improving sexual functions.

They simply assure that when users take TestoRush Rx it will allow blood flow through the penis, so to improve sexual drive and increase natural flow of testosterone.

Does TestoRush RX actually work?

TestoRush Rx seems to be a great product because of it uses top testosterone boosting ingredients. These powerful ingredients have the ability to improve user’s strength, overall energy levels, and increase sex drive.

Some of these ingredients in this product had been mostly used in the industry for boosting testosterone. An example is the -L-Arginine

L-Arginine which is a powerful catalyst and a precursor to nitric oxide work by giving the body more oxygen and nutrients that can improve the muscles.

When using TestoRush Rx don’t only expect increase testosterone levels but also in libido, which is an added benefit. And you might notice your body fat decrease within 2 weeks of usage which make it easier to get faster muscle mass. Also, note that results may vary for different people, one might experience an increase in testosterone while the other in libido. This doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get your desired result. With the right diet and exercise, you will start noticing things falling into place.

How to take TestoRush RX?

Note that this is a proprietary blend of all the ingredients, which makes it impossible to know how much of each dosage you are consuming. At only 1,000 mg per capsule/serving, so it recommends that you take 2 capsules a day with a lot of water.

TestoRush RX Side effects?

As said earlier this is a proprietary blend, which means, the manufacturer does not actually disclose the complete list of the specific ingredients on their website/label, which makes it challenging to decide whether to buy or not.

Although there haven’t been any side effects recorded, one should remember to seek medical advice so as to know if the product would lead to any potential allergies or other sensitivities. It’s best to do your research on the ingredients before buying.

TestoRush RX Ingredients? 

Here is the list of ingredients present in TestoRush Rx:

*Huang Qi– Which is also known as Baikal Skullcap, Huang Qi helps reduce tension and stop inflammation, thereby allowing muscle-builders to work harder, longer.

*L-Arginine– This is a popular supplement among bodybuilders and is valued for its ability to boost circulation of blood to the body, promote faster recovery and support muscle growth. Also, L-arginine has been shown by research to have the ability convert nitric oxide in the body, which will help improve optimal muscle development, improve stamina and improved overall sexual performances.

*Rou Gui– Also known as cinnamon bark, help warms the body, reduce pain post-workout, circulate the blood, promotes faster muscle healing and development and prevents problems like decrease muscle mass.

*Sheng Jiang– This herb which is called fresh ginger root. It has been known to help boost circulation, anti-inflammatory and increase the male libido.

*Cordyceps Sinensis Extract–This serves as an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging which is capable of enhancing the male libido and overall stamina.

*Damiana– This helps to relieve nervousness, anxiety, and depression in men which accounts for the mood balancing benefits of this product.

*Cnidium Monnier– This is a powerful herb that helps promote better blood circulation, toxin removal and improve sexual pleasure.

*Epimedium– These increase energy levels in the body while boosting your libido.

TestoRush RX Price?

According to some online store, TestoRush Rx would costs you about $38.71 per month, and you can also choose to start off with a free trial by signing up at their website (Remember to read the free trial policy so to cut costs and ensure any unwanted monthly charge), which is cheaper and much safer to get rather than attempting to buy individual ingredients and assume the correct dosage for each yourself.

For example, one can obtain L-arginine alone at a fraction, however, this will not produce the same results as to when each ingredient is put together in a perfect balance and proposition.


TestoRush Rx have been getting remarkable reviews from satisfied consumers, who testify to the effectiveness of the product, which makes the overall rating score for TestoRush Rx be 7/10, this is because the ingredients in this product ain’t strong enough to boost your testosterone levels but users can look forward in noticing a healthy libidos, higher energy levels, more mood balance and increase sex drive.