Ubertest Review: Old school testosterone booster

Hi, thanks for dropping by, this is my unbiased Ubertest review. There are many Ubertest reviews on the internet, but we believe that ours is the best online.

Almost 60 percent of men around the world are affected by low testosterone levels. When men get to a certain age like mid-30s, they start noticing a decline in their testosterone levels which may lead to weight gain, energy loss, poor job performance, lack of desire for sex and erectile dysfunction.

When low testosterone is not recognized or diagnose and misunderstood, many bodybuilders and athletes, find themselves training harder at the gym than normal, they find it harder and almost impossible to see results when they workout at the gym.
One of the best ways that have been used to tackle hormones imbalance is the use of supplements. With many testosterone boosters out there it is easy to get taken by online user’s rating.

One supplement that has been getting good user rating online especially on Amazon is a supplement called Ubertest. We all like reviewing the product before buying them to see how good it really is and how reliable are the ratings you see on the internet. So here is a quick review on Ubertest, so you can see if it’s worth buying or not…..
What is Ubertest and what does it claim to do?
Ubertest testosterone booster is produced by a company called Ubervita and they claim it has the ability to boost free testosterone levels in as little as 3 days. They also claim that increase in energy and improvement in mood will be noticed as quickly as possible.
The manufacturer has been very confident about the ingredients used in Ubertest claiming it was formulated using years of research in developing the formula.Although the formula is proprietary so it’s hard to tell if any of the ingredients are present in large enough quantities to work.

Does Ubertest actually work?

Ubertest has been getting tons of positive reviews on Amazon, so it very hard to figure if they are all genuine or just made up to boost sales. Since most manufacturer companies paid and hire people to post fake review all over the internet, this brings about a lot of speculation that most of the positive reviews on Amazon and other online stores are fake.

Firstly, let look more into what Ubivita the company behind Ubertest claims about the product. They claim that Ubertest as the ability to boost free testosterone levels in as little as 3days. This claim is hard to believe because only a steroid injection has the ability to deliver this kind of result. Most testosterone booster supplements take time within a period of 2-4 weeks before showing some significant results.
There are Top supplements available online that also claims quicker results. But most of these supplements usually contain a unique formula — a liquid plasma capsule that absorbs quickly and provides rapid release once inside the body which is not found in Ubertest. So this makes it very hard to their claims about getting an effective result within 3 days.

Secondly, the ingredients present in Ubertest doesn’t have any proof in its effectiveness in boosting testosterone levels. Let’s take Tribulus for example — Although this ingredient is commonly used by most testosterone boosters companies, unfortunately, it doesn’t actually have any effect on boosting testosterone. What Tribulus is mostly used for is to increase libido.
In fact, Tribulus has been shown by several types of research on having no recognized health benefits and has been said to be dangerous to humans if ingested.

Ubertest claims ain’t that true, so don’t expect much from this product. You might experience a little boost in libido, but as for testosterone boosting –This simply will not work.
Ubertest review online is mixed, with some user’s calling it a scam and ineffective, while others claiming it really work for them.

Although results might vary for different individuals, it is always advisable you do a thorough research before buying or using any supplements.

How to take Ubertest?

Ubertest testosterone Booster contains 60 capsules per container and each capsule contains a total of 500mgs and it recommended that you take 3 capsules a day. Each serving size of 1 capsule which will last you about three weeks.
Ubertest Side effect?
The manufacturer of Ubertest claim it is safe and formulated using natural ingredients and it doesn’t pose any threat to humans. But this has been proving otherwise, this product is so filled up with stimulants like caffeine that it not advisable to take if you have an intolerance to caffeine. And also the formula is proprietary so it’s difficult to tell the amount of dosage each ingredient contains. There is a possibility that one might experience the shakes, trouble sleeping, headaches, change in behavior, gas and chest pain among many other reported side effects of high intake of caffeine.
Tribulus is also part of the proprietary blend. This has no known human health benefits and has been shown to be dangerous to the health.

Ubertest Ingredients?

The formula in Ubertest includes the mixture of herbs and vitamins that the manufacturers claim are proven to boost the level of testosterone.
These are the list of ingredients::
*Muira Puama– This help to increase the flow of blood to the penis during erections.
*Saw Palmetto- Saw Palmetto has been around for some time and is used by quite a few Testosterone boosters companies. It is a mix of fatty acids, although it has not been effective for raising testosterone levels it helps promotes a healthy prostate.
*Yams- Yams help balance hormone levels.
*Mexican Sarsaparilla– this herb has been used to improve testosterone production and also support liver function.
*Caffeine– Caffeine is a stimulant. It is great for giving the body more energy boosts due to it’s stimulating nature.
*Tribulus Terrestris– Tribulus doesn’t actually raise testosterone, but has been known to mildly raise libido.
*Tongkat Ali which increases free testosterone by decreasing SHBG which is bound to testosterone, making it useless.
*DHEA– DHEA helps in boosting free testosterone in the body and also promote youthfulness in some men.
*IBCAAs– This is a type of amino acid that helps with muscle recovery.
*Capsicum and L-Arginine which both improve blood circulation which can help with problems like erectile dysfunction, but has no effect in increasing testosterone hormones.

Ubertest Price?

Ubertest is available through an online store and a bottle containing 60 capsules sells for $30 and comes with a money back guarantee. Which means if you are not completely happy with the product, you get a 100% refund. Although this offer depends on where you are buying the product from. If you are buying directly from their official website be sure that you will always get your money back offer within 30days of delivery.
And if you are buying from other online retail stores, make sure you choose one that offers a money back offer in case you feel disappointed.
Note that all requests for refunds and returns must be made within 30days of delivery. This request can be made either by calling their customer’s service line or sending an email directly to the manufacturer company.


The overall review on Ubertest will be 2/5. Judging by the formula, there is nothing to get excited about. There is nothing special about Ubertest. You start wondering and getting a little suspicious about the review online especially on eBay….

I totally wouldn’t recommend this product to any who want to increase their testosterone level, ignoring the fact that the quantities of each ingredient are unknown, I would advise you try something with a better reputation and a better formula that is safe and healthy to your health.