Will Testosterone Boosters Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Question: So the question from David is “Will testosterone boosters make you fail a drug test?”.

Answer: Drug tests look for a wide range of substances, including recreational drug markers such as THC, anabolic steroids, certain prescription drugs, and, in the case of athletes certain performance enhancing drug substances – a category that even incredibly high doses of caffeine can fall into.

Natural testosterone boosters of the kind that you can buy over the counter, are usually safe for working professionals who want to get a bit of a boost, but who are worried that doing a testosterone cycle could land them in hot water. Natural testosterone boosters are something that most people can take – and as long as you are generally healthy they will help your body to make more testosterone itself.

It’s hard to say for sure whether ingredients in any specific booster or supplement will flag up on a drug test, or even whether they contain banned ingredients or not. Some supplements contain ingredients which are chemically very similar to banned ones (and might flag up because of that) but that are not banned themselves. Therefore, you should read the ingredients carefully and check the banned substance list yourself if your career depends on not failing a test.

Can A Testosterone Booster Hurt You?

Question: So the question from Ryan is “Can a testosterone booster hurt you?”.

Answer: The one concern people have as they look at testosterone boosters involves potential injury or health risks.

It is good to keep this in mind with any change that’s brought into your life because health-related concerns should be taken seriously. To answer the question, no these are not going to hurt you because they’re tested and provide excellent results to all that use them.

These aren’t the same as synthetic options that are used by others in the fitness world.

These are natural boosters that are going to use the power of science to illustrate what the body can do with a boost. You are going to use them and notice a change in how your mind focuses and how much energy you have on a day-to-day basis. It can be a life-changing moment for most.

Your testosterone levels are important, and most men start to notice them deplete over time.

To make sure you bring them up, you want to take a look at getting these boosters in place as soon a possible. They are not going to hurt you and in fact, will make life better for you. Buying them is going to be a moment you will never forget. There is this absolutely rubbish myth that testosterone boosters will harm you which i find absolutely ludicrous. Boosters are very helpful with getting your libido back on track and no one can dispute that fact. Literally anybody that does is a mad man.

Take testosterone boosters every day for a full month and i promise you will see a huge change in what it does to your hormones. A very positive spike in testosterone production.

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