Weight Loss/Fat Loss

It is no secret that, as human beings one of our biggest physical worries can be how fat we are. We have all been there, you know, the new year is around the corner. You already know what your new years resolution is going to be. It is quite difficult to lose weight and fat on your body if you have no idea how to do it effectively.

The truth is, there are many ways to lose fat and get to your ideal weight and size. However, weight loss boils down to a simple formula that I am going to write below.

Formula = Burn more calories than you take in.

Yep, it is that simple.

If you burn more calories every day than what you take into your body, you WILL lose weight and fat. The question you may be still pondering is, what methods can I use to help me do this.

weight loss

Diet pills

Diet pills are a great way to lose weight and can really help you on your journey to a slimmer body.

If used correctly in conjunction with working out on a regular basis, diet pills can really give you that metabolic boost to really burn some serious fat. How diet pills essentially work is they suppress your urges to overeat. This means you eat less, which in turn means you lose weight!

Over here at Liberty surf I and my close team of researchers will provide you with the best diet pills to use in order for you to lose weight. There are so many diet pills on the market it can be truly overwhelming.

We are here to make your decision of what diet pill to use a whole lot easier.


Aha, the one thing that everyone that wants to lose weight, does not want to do. Till this very day, when I usually come across someone who wants to lose weight, the last thing on there mind is to simply exercise. A lot of people have been tricked into believing that if you just pop some diet pills in your mouth every day you will look like a super model in 4 weeks.

Don’t get me wrong though, diet pills taken on there own without exercise can still make you lose a decent amount of weight. However, if you truly want to lose all the fat, you are going to have to incorporate some exercise into your regime.

Intermittent fasting

Often overlooked this technique can yield some seriously fast results. intermittent does require some serious commitment and discipline, but the results can be truly phenomenal.

intermittent fasting is essentially when you can eat during a certain time frame/window, and fast during the remaining time frame/window.

As an example.

You eat anytime between 10am – 6pm which is an 8 hour eating window.

You then start your fast from 6pm – 1oam the next day. This means you will fast for 16 hours. You are allowed to drink as much water as you can during this fasting period.

I myself have done this method and saw some pretty pleasing results in just 2 weeks. As I said before, the problem with this method of losing weight is it really does require discipline.

For that reason, I would recommend starting with a light exercise programme, a healthy diet and an addition of diet pills to give you that extra boost.