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My 2 Top recommendations:  If you are looking for a testosterone booster I recommend Testogen. If you are looking for an effective fat burner I recommend PhenQ. Click the links to read my personal detailed reviews.

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Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters have become very popular over the years and many brands have emerged out of the woodworks. Just like with anything, there are alot of test boosters that are released that just do not work. Many are marketed as boosting your testosterone through the roof in as little as 4 days. Till this day these claims make me and the Liberty Surf team laugh each and every time we see them. Testosterone boosters actually take at least 2 weeks to start seeing adequate results that you can shout about.

My most recommended Testosterone booster hands down is Testogen which James has had very good experience with. If you are interested in getting a full breakdown of the best 5 boosters, i recommend you read this article: best testosterone booster

Fat Burners

Fat burners and diet pills have been popular for decades. The problem with these pills and capsules is that there are so many out there that just do not work and quite frankly are a waste of your money and time. Many are marketed as burning your fat in as little as 7 days, while others are marketed as super pills. The truth is that while it is of course true that they do indeed work, many dont.

My most recommended fat burner is definitely Phenq. You can read my personal experience with it by clicking this link: Phenq review

It is always good to remember that fat burners work even better when you pair them with cardiovascular workouts.

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